November Schedule

Harmony Hospice Grief Groups

For details and zoom links: contact Murray Flagg, PhD at

We are pleased to share the listing of Grief Groups starting the first week of November!

All groups are scheduled for one hour

Scheduled Dates
11/01/2021 12:00pm: Meditation for relaxation 6:00pm: Grief group 7:30pm Pet grief group  

11/02/2021 6pm: Anticipatory grief 7:30pm: Ho’oponopono (for healing, forgiveness, and peace)  

11/03/2021 10am: Anticipatory grief 11:30am: Pet grief 6:00pm: Grief group 7:30pm: Ho’oponopono  

11/04/2021 10:30am: Meditation for relaxation 11:30am: Ho’oponopono 5:30pm: Anticipatory grief 7:30pm: Grief group
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